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An ex- United player who's been arrested for raping his girlfriend. People used to compare Deadwood to the likes of Saka and Foden but they were all fatherless United fans. Can often be seen asking women to open their legs before allegedly bruising and bashing them. Proper cunt.
"Dad did Mason Greenwood score today."
"No son he's in prison because he's a dirty rapist."
by MASON FORCEWOOD February 7, 2022
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Liverpool supporter, yeah course. Thinks hes top shit cos they won the league when they lose 3 times to the mighty Arsenal and 7-2 to Villa. Virgil Van Dijk, im being serious hes the best player in the werld. Thinks that Mane and Salah are the best players in the world. Absolute scum thinks that the Community Shield isnt a real trophy.
Maks Olic is a real scum because he thinks that Virgil is good.
by MASON FORCEWOOD October 13, 2020
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