1) The last name of some seriously cool people. Italian origin.

2) An extremely tasty sparkling cider.
1) "The Martinelli's are better than your mom."

2) "Have you tried Martinelli's Cider? It's like Jesus in a bottle."
by One cool Martinelli July 17, 2008
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Ripoff apple cider. The bottle must be 1/2 inch thick, since you can down a whole bottle in a few gulps!!
D00d, WTF? I bought 3 bottles of this stuff, and it's all gone, and dinner hasn't even started yet! w00t!
by fastcr80 January 26, 2005
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The act of urinating in a container of apple juice when dehydrated and placing it back in the refrigerator to be consumed by somebody else.
He was always drinking up my organic applejuice until the day he puked from my sleazy martinelli.
by Ranchgirls July 24, 2020
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Gabriel Martinelli

The greatest. Football player for Arsenal and Brazil. Simply one of the greatest of all time. Some say he is the Lord Jesus Christ Himself. Rumoured to be the love child and Pele and, Cristiano Ronaldo . He also has a huge cock which strikes fear into his opposition, ice cold killer.
Mason Greenwood is so overrated, he's just a, twerking twat, instead of playing football he should be on swarmz (UK rapper) Instagram live. He will never be the level of, Gabriel Martinelli.
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Honoring someone by pouring a bottle of sparkling cider on their head.

Note: It is considered a sign of disrespect to reciprocate a Martinelli Shower. Reciprocation is permitted only in the case of a Golden Shower -- a structurally homologous but functionally distinct practice.
To celebrate closing that big deal, we gave our CEO a Martinelli Shower.
by Birgeneau May 7, 2010
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When your second toe is longer than your big toe.
"Hey look, you have a martinelli's toe!"
by nanobot95 December 20, 2009
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