Fati is a girl who is extremely gorgeous and has beautiful eyes and an amazing personality.
She has an attitude at first but as you get to know her that fades away, she is awkward the first time you meet her and very quiet but as time passes you will find out that she is actually very talkative and random. She is a girl that isn't temporary. She is the one. She is trustworthy and a true friend. If you know a Fati, you're blessed.
George: wow did you see that girl?
Jacob: yeah man i know her, that's Fati.
by Flubberr94 July 8, 2011
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Fati is the coolest mother fucker and probably has already banged your mom. Fati is very selfish and narcissistic. Fati knows that he's the hottest and sexiest banger and gets every girl.
He loves to eat. An he loves Kentucky Fried Chicken. But he still have a six pack.
He can be the most romantic person in the world and the best boyfriend. But when somebody breaks his heart he will be a fuckboy and play with every girl. So when you are his girlfriend, don't break his heart because he would do everything for your wellbeing.
When you meet him, he's very quite and don't talk so much. But when you see him often he will be frank to you. He is a great friend and share things with you. But when he doesn't share with you, he don't like you. When you tell him something, you can be sure that he don't tell it other persons and you can trust him.
He can't let people go and can't forget them.
Fati can do or learn everything. In most cases he learns to play an instrument very fast.
In the most things Fati is just the best mother fucker. So don't fuck with a Fati. And when you know a Fati you can feel blessed
Neil: Oh man! Did you saw this dude with this fresh style and haircut in the BMW? He had 2 chicks in his car. I wish I could be like him
Michael: Bro, one of these chicks was your mom. And the other one was your sister. I know this guy. It was Fati
by Sdsnider96 January 3, 2017
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Handsome dude who can sing and has a big dig
Used in a sentence:Fati is the most handsome dude in the world
by Ahahahqhqhahahah November 21, 2021
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Fati:to like someone but be fake to them
Me and her were best friends but then she was fati to me she wouldn’t buy my stuff
by Baloebtfibxnd November 15, 2018
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Faty is one of the greatest person you’ll ever meet. She’s a natural problem solver and always takes the initiative to help you find solutions. She’s a great and loyal friend, she is an attentive person and will be quick to help you if you’re in need. She is however possessive and doesn’t like sharing !

Shy at first, you’d be happy to see her real personality once you get to know her. She’s random and adventurous, always up for a challenge. You will never be bored with her. She’s spontaneous and short-tempered but she’s also not prideful and won’t hesitate to apologize when she is in the wrong.
Oh wow it makes so much sense that you’re a Faty !
by lifesaver101 November 21, 2021
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damn she got a fatie.. and she shakes it good!
by eagle458798 July 26, 2008
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