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The most talented youngster in world football right now. destined to win the Ballon D’Or after leading Manchester United to their second treble. Foolish people compare him with Foden, Fati, Martinelli etc.
Oh how I wish my team had a Mason Greenwood
by Samba459 April 4, 2021
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Punjab Kings is a franchise playing in Indian Premier League. They deserved to win 2014 IPL for being best team in 2014. It is captained by Klassy Indian opener and coached by best Indian coach. Majority of it's players and staff are ex RCBians.
Punjab Kings have better head to head record against Royal Challengers Bangalore
by Samba459 March 29, 2021
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Mcfcbroly is a 16 year old kid who spends 24 hours doing nothing on Twitter dot com. Usually seen wanking over his taklu manager's head, supports oil club and reps ginger fraud
Don't be a failure like Mcfcbroly
by Samba459 March 17, 2021
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