Mason is the best guy you'll ever meet. If you find one, make sure you never let him go. He sees himself as imperfect, ugly, and immature. But through a girl's eyes that happens to love him, she sees Mason as adorable, perfect, and kind. If you like a Mason, make sure you tell him, and never, ever lead him on. If a girl ever loves a Mason, marry him. You won't regret it:)
Janelle: Don't you just love Mason?
Harper: I love him; he's all mine.
by Wynter Everpyre December 20, 2016
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Intelligent, nice, easygoing, handsome, loyal, and a bit dorky (in the best way). all in all the best person in the world today:D
WOW, if I was like mASON I would be SUPERMAN:p
by puppyluver4446554 March 30, 2017
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An obsessive fanboy who only likes Marvel and anything horror related. Also, from September to April, he only wears a neon, green jacket that he does not take off. Finally, he is very small and has an extremely high-pitched voice.
Person 1: Hey look at that obsessive fanboy.
Person 2: Oh. That's definitely a Mason.
by TheSpicyPickle May 27, 2019
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Used to desribe slighly insane, yet outgoing and very optimistic person.
Despite whatever situation, a Mason can pull through.
You're a Mason.
by Mobs Moberly January 30, 2009
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Mason is the sweetest guy you'll ever meet. He's country and usually extremely tall. He's outstanding in baseball and really smart. He loves God and always knows what to say. If you have a Mason keep him 'cause they are the best. His eyes are gorgeous and he always looks good. He is funny and always has a smile on his face. He makes friends with everyone and is a leader. He is great at basically anything and can shoot a bow and arrow with a blindfold on. Mason's are good at keeping secrets and know how to keep a girl in love. Girls easily fall for Mason and always wants to be around him. If you have one, you have found a keeper.
I love Mason!
by Zyxwvutsrq67 January 15, 2014
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Mason is the most sweetest, funniest, caring guys you can ever meet. If you get with a mason, please keep him, he is the best thing that could ever happen to you. He can change your world in the matter of a minute because he know how to just to talk to you. He loves his girl with everything in him, she says she loves him more but that's not the case. She will never know how much he loves her. She Is his build in best friend and never wants to lose her. He will treat you like a princess. Mason is a good person overall but doesn't like to many people but if you're cool with him then you're cool with him, he really is only friends with his girl tho, no matter if anyone else says they are his best friend. If you insult his girl, then you'll know about it and he will not let you get away with it. Also if you have beef with his girl you can best believe he will not like you even if he doesn't know you. He hypes her so much. Mason also has a big dick but stays saying it's little, his girl hates it but as long as she knows wassup it's all good.
Mason is the best
by Truthteller400 August 07, 2017
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Mason is a short boy, usually knows how to get girls, very sweet and really nice and super cute and hot. Usually has girls wrapped around his fingers, knows how to wheel girls, and a great booty grabber, he knows how to get booty when he wants to. Usually gets a lot of girls.
by Dreammoutloud August 26, 2012
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