Peter Parker opens the door and sees MJ.
Mary Jane: "Face it tiger, you just hit the jackpot."
by Crater0 May 24, 2010
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Bud, Weed, Pot, and Mary Jane all mean one thing. Marijuana or better known as Cannibis Sativa which contains the chemical T.H.C. or scientificly known as Tetrahydrocannabinol. Being under the influence of "Mary Jane" is also known as being "stoned" or "baked". It is also less dangerous than other drugs such as heroin, cocaine, even alchohol.
"Hey buddy, lets go smoke some mary jane!"
by mike.lopez>XD November 15, 2007
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MaryJane is one of the best friends you can have. She is smart, funny, and will always have your back. She is a little emo but still will wear any color you give her. Though she has good jokes and is really nice, but she a lone wolf. She does NOT like anyone, so if your crushing on a girl named MaryJane, YOUR NOT GOING TO GET HER!!!!! NOT MY FAULT!!!!!!!!!!!!
Isabella: MaryJane is one of the most nice and kind person ever.

Alexzandra: She is also soooooooo good at videogames
by artimas April 24, 2019
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Mary Jane is the drug version of a prostitute — she costs a lot, she can satisfy you for a couple hours, and then she's gone and you're left wanting more.
Sometimes that bitch gets expensive, but I'll always love Mary Jane.
by FishFooood February 02, 2011
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its marijuana. and why so many names for it too? because then we can talk of smoking it with out suspision of authority figures.
see:pot weed grass leafpurple haze stoned baked
my buddies on that 70's show smoke alot of mary jane. and i know why!
by emy b April 22, 2007
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1-a girls name

2-another name for pot
c-krizzle: dude i got sum stuff in my pocket
loco T: you stole some mary jane!?
c-krizzle: hellz yea boi, we gettin high as LeBron James
loco T: sweeeeeet.
by bloods OG March 13, 2008
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is the subject of a song titled Mary Jane by Hollywood hip-hop artist- Shwayze

Her name was Mary Jane,
She sang, like Etta James,
She came and went to easily.
And it's strange, how times are changed,
I seen Mary yesterday, and she,
Don't look the same to me.

Also referenced to in the greenday song Jesus of Suburbia
To fall in love, we fall in debt
To alcohol and cigarettes
And the mary jane, to keep me insane

Doing someone else's cocaine
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