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- noun
1. A person whose purpose, measured from the time of their birth, is that of the peacemaker, diplomat, or mediator.

2. One who possesses an extreme level of suaveness and extreme romance.

3. Usually a Good Looking Male with a rather large penis which goes hand in hand with their inner pornstar mentality.

4. A LEADER with extreme potential to help others in the solution of their problems.

5. Has extreme strength of individuality, independence, flexibility, quick-mindedness, intuitiveness, and can not be unduly influenced by others.

6. Charasmatic in nature and can sometimes have others attempt to take advantage of and/or hate on them.

7. Artistic individual containing creativity along literary lines, musical composition, and drama.
- Wow, I can't believe how many times Marvis made me cum last night!

- Marvis made me realize that no matter who you are, you hold your own destiny in your hands and if strongly pursued; you WILL achieve your dreams!

- Girl, Marvis looked so good at the party, all these other lames got tight their girls was focused on him.
by EducationIsTheKey February 11, 2010
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The name of a god among men.

Or, a term for great anal sex.
He gave me Marvi last night. I am officially in love.
by kanedac October 31, 2010
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a marvis is a low-life, good for nothing individual who rarely at best pulls their own weight. They will never amount to anything!
Get off the couch you lazy marvis
your such a marvis for saying that
by parkcity101 January 03, 2010
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