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A cool person. true friend. not a backstabber.
differanciates between styles(emo/scene, punk, goth).
can be social, or very quiet.
loves her friends. loves to eat. not fat nor skinny.

great body, usually blonde.
music rules her life. crazy, very freaky and weird. very different and out there.
Omg, look at Martyna!

-dude, she's amazing.
by she's_freaky January 12, 2010
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(n.)a creativly inclined person, most often female. This is not a person you should lead into a library, bookstore, etc. because they will NOT leave. Spends their day reading, drawing and surfing the web. Very antisocial.
Friend: Martyna is reading again... this is supposed to be a a party!

Other friend: I know, but have you seen her paintings? They're awesome!

Friend: I'm surpsised she even came, or answered my phone call!
by Me75po December 31, 2009
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Martyna is a girl that you fall in love with as soon as u meet her she is not a back stabber and tries her best to make every one happy she's a goofy and funny person and a freak'
"Dood Martyna is so amazing "
" I know mate "
by Dindindob June 11, 2018
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