Alhambra's are seven seater people carriers made in spain by SEAT.

They are the same as the VW Sharan and the Ford Galaxy but the body styling is different.

All back seats come out leaving a flat floor making this an awesome vehicle to be used as a van or even for touring as you can sleep in the back.
Estate car owner: My you've got a big space in your back door!

Alhambra owner: Why thank you my good man. It's handy for filling with boxes of hotdogs.
by Spocky June 22, 2010
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A high school in Alhambra, California, near Los Angeles, where everyone looks like everyone else. Only a few unique punks, goths, and emos stand out. Rivalry schools with Mark Keppel High School. Has one of the best varsity football teams, award winning drill team, and some pretty hot guys.
Did you go to Alhambra High School's homecoming? They won against San Gabriel. And their drill team rocks ass!
by Thr0u6hTh31c3 October 29, 2006
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A high school located in Martinez, california. Heavily divided in half by Cliques. Upper commons- Jocks, Preps, Ghetto people(i.e. Ghetto Filipinos. Lower Campus- Emos, Goths, Stoners, Drama-geeks, Band Geeks, Anime-freaks.
"'hosnap, you go to Alhambra High?"
by Christian March 19, 2005
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A city in California next to Los Angeles, California. Has 3 high schools one of them being Alhambra High School. Where everybody looks the same and has a few hot guys.
Hey do you know that girl that lives in Alhambra?

Yeah! She goes to Alhambra High School.
by June 2, 2023
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