8 definitions by L0union

the quality of being martial. especially when describing a culture or nationality.
martialness is important in forging a strong unified nation and gaining strategic allies.
by L0union June 21, 2021
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Go physically f*ck yourself.
do you have the ability 2 gpfy? if you do than you r very unusual.
by L0union June 27, 2021
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(verb) a less offensive version of the word fuck, which they sounds particularly similar when spoken by some one with an east Asian or Austronesian accent.
by L0union June 22, 2021
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AKA slowfuckistan
the fictional land of slow fucks.
everybody fucks slow in slowfuckia.
by L0union June 26, 2021
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(American verb)
or indoeuropeanised (British version)

being made more indo European/ being amended with Indo European elements.
Christianity is an Indoeuropeanized Semitic invention.
by L0union July 29, 2021
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The land of Islamophobia, anywhere that is overwhelmingly Islamophobic or intolerant of Islam.
Welcome to Islamophobistan pricks, be ready to be oppressed.
by L0union July 03, 2021
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