A beautiful girl that acts herself no matter what people say and she enjoys everyone (besides the ones that annoy her, but she acts like she likes them anyway). Also, Marsella is a really good singer.
Jake: "hey, have you seen how cute Marsella is?"
Jacob: "Yeah, I wish I could date her,"
by Sistematiccheezit August 16, 2017
Biggest fuck boi out, gives zero fucks about your feelings. Breaks your heart so quickly, goes for any girl he sees, be careful of Daniel Marsella he will snap you heart like a twig.
Dated Daniel Marsella, worst mistake of my life.
by Hereforthetruth August 27, 2016
Marsellas is the type of person to act kind and in reality not be. They are sweet sometimes, and not other times. Act kindly, and don't insult them, or else they might insult you back. They talk about girls all the time and try to make you mad.
Bro, i was talking to Marsellas earlier and he said that he cares for you, but he told his friends that your fat.
by Lovely Mae May 4, 2020
A little dicked bitch that dosnt get any bitches also he likes men
Leo marsella has no freinds
by Lollol21 November 27, 2018