The main Horde city in the game World of Warcraft, located in the northern end of Durotar.
Guys, meet in Orgrimmar, someone's turning in Onyxia's head.
by Gobias December 05, 2005
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Named after the Horde capital of Orgrimmar in World of Warcraft. Orgrimmaritis is when a max-level player sits in a capital city all day and AFKs, usually near the Bank, Auction House, or on top of the mailbox. A player contracts this disease after they get burnt out on PvP grinding, gold farming, and instancing.
Kelly: Damn, Kevin played for 12 hours a day all week? He must have his Epic Flyer by now.
Greg: You would think so, but he got Orgrimmaritis about halfway through and hasn't been to the Plateau since.
by Kelly J. December 27, 2007
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