„Markers“ is the fandom name of NCT‘s Mark.
Person A: what other fandom are u also in?
Person B&C: we are Markers
by tyongtyong May 6, 2021
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Used for many different purposes and children shouldn't use them. Also they can be refereed to as guys.
by hunaeus January 17, 2017
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Common name for the gun used in paintball. High pressure carbon dioxide canister propells a ball of paint at opponents.
I just bought an awesome new marker for paintball next week.
by danny8522003 June 25, 2006
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1. plural. Mark
2. things used to place on a certain area that you want to remember to locate.
3. writing utencils that nerdy people get high off of because they're too scared to buy real drugs.
4. coloring utencils that a lot of white girls like to use to make girly signs, and stick them on lockers because that's what they'd rather do than learn in class.
1. look at all those markers!
2. dont forget to put markers on her chest so we know where to put the silicone.
3. nerdy dude 1: i got high off of markers the other day!! *snort* laugh* snort*
nerdy dudette: i...l-l-love markers *inhales* *shakes*
4. *in a white girl voice* "Jessica!! like, oh my god, you totally stole my pink markers you little whore!"
by Katz August 29, 2005
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a pen like device that most likely has a felt tip or nib (some have a ball point like pens) that uses ink or paint to stain bleed through and just generally improve most urban surfaces. the best ones are refillable and permanent like pilot super color markers and most all the markers at "art" stores.
markers are silent spray paint rattles. thats all that needs to be said
by SH3LLS March 25, 2010
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an ink thingy that writes... you can use your imagination to draw on paper... is sometimes used to get high off of but thats usually it sharpies but is still a marker... has pretty colors... most of the time it is used for graded school... and if you don't know what the hell it is then i don't know what to tell you... the real question is, is why are u looking up the word marker?
dude i just got a marker... thats bluuuuuue!!!
by captain mv June 9, 2010
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(verb) a form of sexual repression where individuals simulate the act of sex with clothes on by ritualistically drawing phallic symbols with markers, pens, other writing implements while grinding their pelvises together.
Katie and Nick were so markering each other all throughout college until Nick died from chemical poisoning.
by Jdogg4 February 4, 2009
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