Guy 1: ayy fam what you doing today?
Guy 2: nothing, its my marj's birthday.
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Pun on the spelling of Marge Simpson from the popular hit animated comedy show the Simpson as she is the mother.
"it's my Marj's birthday bro"
"I swear on my Marj's life fam"
by Londonboy3637 February 07, 2018
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Marje meaning in slang for mother , mom

came from Marje simpson the housewife, Mum .
sara,babe lets hook up
joe,sorry Cant Marje got me on lockdown
by Zakkie October 10, 2011
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It Meanns 'Mum' 'Mother'
Yeah My Marj Is Not Home Yet
by ilyseea May 07, 2008
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Her life montra is I slay all day and am a boss: caring, sensitive, loving, empthatic, comforting, is a real diva , loves to be self-sufficient, loves making money, has to have the las word, unappolgically honest( some will take this as she is being mean but she's not meaning to hurt your feelings), straight forward, doesn't take critisim well, doesn't like to told what to do will tune out if don't like what your saying, haters motivate her, loyal friend to the end.
Dang Marje` I know my breathe stink but did you have to blast me out like that.
by Queenofhearts7 November 19, 2017
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