a girl with a big heart. Sometimes people take her for advantage but don't realize how much it hurts her. She's confident and beautiful inside and out (also very funny). When she's upset its rare that she's sad, mostly mad and that confuses people. she's the type of girl who understands what your going through or at least tries very hard to. She gives great advice and can always be a shoulder to cry on.
Hey Marisol..... Can i talk to you about something?
by Lyniz November 8, 2019
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Marisol is that kind of girl who loves to help and Marisol is very sexy, sweet, and angry sometimes, she looks for a boy who loves her and who does not leave her alone ... she is very shy and intelligent a girl who she does not like problems and she is affectionate and she needs a lot of attention because Marisol is the queen 👑
Marisol She a queen of all and a sexy girl
by Marisol646 April 19, 2019
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A good friend that will always be there for you at all times. loyal,loving. But also a very sexy,deep person to talk too.
Friend: my boyfriend broke up with me...
Marisol: girl it’s okay you don’t need a boyfriend that didn’t treat you like a queen.
by Marysolbaa November 8, 2018
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A beautiful nice girl everyone likes she is very creative and smart you could always count on Marisol 😊
Is Marisol helping you with your homework? "Yassss I can always count on her ❤️"
by Cats are weird December 6, 2017
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Great to piss off. Adorable, loving, loyal and trustworthy.
Usually has Great hair, eyes and Body.
Marisol has a charm on everyone and impacts there lives so much that once you meet one you'll love them forever.
A heart made of pure gold. A true Friend. Competitive.
Marisol, is one that everyone adores and admires.
by The Billdog August 1, 2010
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sea and sun means a new beginning, something more then life
marisol is more then life
by marisol mercado May 17, 2008
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