You know you're from Marin County when...

- It's a bigger deal to come out as a Republican than to come out of the closet.
- Your parents make $120,000 a year, yet you're still considered middle class.
- You know the difference between Thai, Vietnamenese, Chinese, Japanese, Cantonese, and Korean food.
- Left is right and right is wrong.
- Your typical weekend night is spent in a hot tub...
- ...or driving around looking for a party.
- You can't walk into Comforts without seeing at least two people you know.
- None of your friends are around over school breaks because they're either off in Europe or Hawaii, or spending time up at their Tahoe homes.
- Every car at your school either has a bumper sticker for Kerry 2004 or one with the name of a prestigious college...or both.
- The hippy crowd at your school makes up the majority of the school's population.
- There are more hybrid cars at your school than there are black people.
- You have been stopped by cops for being out past curfew.
- Parties are consistently broken up by 11.
- You know the difference between a Cabernet and a Sauvignon Blan...before you turn thirteen.
- You spent your Saturday nights as a seventh grader at Bar and Bat Mitzvah parties.
- You hear the words snow and blow and immediately think about MC.
- You've been at In 'n Out until closing...more than once
- You regularly eat at vegan or organic restaurants
- You have to cross a bridge to find something to do past 10 o'clock
- You play Texas Hold 'Em regularly, and never buy in for less than $20
- You can't imagine going to college parties and having to drink cheap ass beer for once

basically its for the the tree hugging hot tubbing liberals the whole country makes fun of but wishes they were actually part of it (marin county)
by arw October 7, 2005
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Also known as Money County, the 415, etcetc. One of the richest counties in the US, consisting of everything from Sausalito (Saus-Town) to Novato. Known for its rich natural beauty, even the inmates at San Quentin have a good view. Typical Marin weather cannot be classified as typical, cause it decides to fluctuate between 80 degrees one day and 2 inches of rain the next. A great place to raise a family in but hell once you reach your teen years, which is why we have the highest underage drinking problem in California. We love our thizzles and just about everyone you know has smoked or regularly smoke weed, including parents and teachers, since we're pretty much the home of some of the most chronic weed in the country and originators of 4:20. Because the most feared robbers in the county are racoons, Marin cops do their job by fucking with teenagers and will not hesitate to stop you for skating without a helmet on. Middle school years are spent at Bat and Bar mitzvahs, at Northgate mall, at the movies, or at someone's pool party. A typical weekend night for a Marin high schooler consists of driving around looking for parties, finding one, the cops shutting it down by eleven, and having nothing to do so you end up at In-N-Out, Sol Food or the CVS parking lot and knowing half the people in there. And it takes a trip to some foreign country to realize we live in one of the nicest places in the world. As much as you get to hate it, you just can't imagine growing up anywhere else.
$1 million dollars will buy you a one level house with no backyard in Marin County.
by fouronefive March 13, 2011
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A stunningly beautiful county located on the other side of the Golden Gate Bridge. Known for its extreme affluence (wealthiest county in the US) and its peculiar limousine liberals.
$2 million dollars doesn't buy you an inhabitable abode in Marin County.
by sfliberal February 18, 2005
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The 2nd richest county in the U.S.A. Home of Mill Valley and San Rafael. No budget problems at all.
Marin County is just north of San Francisco.
by ANDYLOVESMARIN February 11, 2005
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Marin County is a way kewl place to live, whoot. Home of what is now a rare breed: THE RICH LIBERAL. Full of yuppies, we like our In-N-Out, starbucks, soccer moms driving huge ass SUVs while on the cell phone, seeing sean penn and santana at the town center, going to safeway cause everything else closes at 9pm, and of course we love our hot tubs.
Gotta love them misguided Marin county hot-tubbers... they rock my world.
by elanor the avenger January 21, 2005
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Marin County summed up:

- The old bearded hippie who drives a beat-up Peugeot station wagon and does Simon & Garfunkel covers is actually a multimillionaire.
- They claim to be liberals, but are visibly uncomfortable around people of color.
- There are more Porsche 911s than there are Black people.
- No good Asian food, except for maybe 3 restaurants.
- Only Tam, Marin Academy, Redwood, Branson and to some extent, Marin Catholic are relevant.
- The only immigrants here are your friends' Swedish, Dutch or German moms or French, British or Italian dads.
- Houses may be ugly 80s leftovers, but they're still worth $5 million.
- Kids turn into druggies or alcoholics before their sixteenth birthdays, and their parents let them.
- Your dad is in a band, mountain bikes, and has an old BMW or Porsche.
- Your mom teaches yoga, has a Patagonia puffer and only shops at farmers' markets.
Marin County is the only place I've ever seen a Range Rover with a Bernie Sanders bumper sticker.
by henryfromny2.0 March 26, 2023
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Home to the og soccer moms, with their big ass hats and huge Tesla suvs and their iPhone 11 pro Max’s, not caring what the fuck their kids do. Rich ass liberals living in Marin will blow your mind. Fake environmentalist walk the streets at the town center with their Louis Vuitton bags. All together Marin county is fun.
She looks like a Marin county mom
by Gofuckahoe_ November 15, 2019
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