a little town, north of San Francisco, accesable from either the Golden Gate Bridge or by ferry going across the San Francisco Bay. A picturesque and beautiful community, when you enter the town you see a welcome sign that declares Sausalito to be a "Nuclear Free Zone". Quite a number of movies have been filmed here, and there are some music recording studios. Quite a handful of music performers and bands (such as Huey Lewis and the News) have recorded albums in Sausalito.
When I visited Sausalito the campy 1981 hit "Sausalito Summernights" by the Dutch band Diesel was playing in my head. If you're in the Bay Area and you've got time to kill, Sausalito is well worth exploring. You can get a lot of pretty pictures with your camera.
by I Saw U2 Live Twice December 09, 2007
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Sexual act of ejaculating on your partners stomach and then slapping the puddle with the palm of your hand.
"Last night I pulled out and gave her the ol' sausalito pancake. What a mess..."
by Tommy Ramone October 10, 2012
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1. Immediately following anal sex, the man wipes an "S" with his shit-stained cock and balls in one of two places:
a. If doggystyle, then the "S" is wiped across her tramp-stamp spot (just above her ass crack)
b. If missionary, then the "S" is wiped across her forehead (which requires that her hair be pulled back)

The move is appropriately topped off with the money-shot mixed in with the shit residue.

2. A cookie

This move is distantly related to the Dirty Sanchez
1. "Yeah, I gave Julie a Steaming Sausalito last night and she enjoyed every minute of it."

2. "For a warm melty chocolate experience, make a steaming sausalito by putting the cookie in the microwave for 20 seconds."
by Saucy Lito November 23, 2007
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Made popular by former Oakland Raider Wide Out, Randy Moss, the SauSquee (pronounced, Saw-Skwee) is a post coital maneuver that is fun and easily executed. Here's how you do it. First, drop a splash of chlorine candy on your lover's backal area. Then, using your penisdick, spread the splooj up and down, side to side, until her back has fully absorbed your pungent load. For best results, eat some 'sparagus prior to espoojulating.
No matter how many times I perform the Sausalito Squeegee, I can never clear the milieu of gross moles from my girl's back.
by Charles Dick in a Box March 25, 2009
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