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The most sweetest and calmest person. She seems real quiet when you first meet her, but when you get to know her she comes right out the bag on you. Very beautiful and down to earth. She never goes off on anybody unless they really push her buttons. She doesn't judge because she knows she wouldn't want people judging her. She plays around with her best friends alot. Any guy would be lucky to have her! Once you hurt her then her trust for you is gone. So when you have a mariely, make sure you do everything to keep her, because she's a keeper. Usually latina with red or brown hair, and pink rosy cheeks
sweet awesome latina down to earth caring loving silly intelligent beautiful mariely
by nycheeboo97 June 14, 2011
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An amazing friend, super caring and if you date her she will be 110% loyal. You should always try to be friends with them because they are supportive and thoughtful and fun even when you hate something they can motivate you to do it. They will end up one of your best friends.
Marielys is so nice I am so glad I met her.
by Chisten April 12, 2018
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Usually a mixed Dominican and Puerto Rican and White baby with a beautiful smile that wakes up the world. She makes everyone happy and her laugh is so cute. Beautiful black curly hair with tan-ish skin and bright blue eyes.
Mi sobrina Marielys es muy hermosa!
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by Prexioajdhwhbs May 13, 2018
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