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A person who is soo beautiful, fun, funny, smart, and everything you can even imagine. Don't even get me started on what she can do in bed.
Damn Mariele! Don't stop, don't stop!

Hey Mariele can you help me on my homework?

Hey Mariele did you fall from heaven? Because you sure look like an angel.

Hey Mariele tell me a joke i need a laugh babe(:
by ilovemariele November 21, 2010
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The old hag that live across the street who stares down at your kids because all she has are her cats to keep her company. may also be the kind neighbourhood grandma but is secretly into beastiality (specifically into dogs) and favours the words moist and frothy often mixing with the words "dog" of "dick" to make a phrase (E.g. I like frothy moist dog dick). also very kinky in which she participates in various acts of unusual fetishes such as autoerotic asphyxiation or danger wanking. this may be due to someone linking her urban dictionary pages about said things in which she tried to perform and found it quite enjoyable.
putang ina yung mariele na yun, walang ginawa kundi magpabuntis kung kanikanino lang. pang 13 nya na itong anak diba?
by KuhJiaHuh September 08, 2016
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