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A girl who is adorable, crazy, conceded, has a great personality, loves everybody, gets mad easily, but forgives easily, gulible, not accident resistant and overall u will just fall in love with her.
Stop! Don`t judge, just let her be "margy".
by margiii October 12, 2011
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Margy is a wonderful religion established by the sacred Mary and Maggie. Cody, has now been converted and ordained as Bishop Elan. The message is simple.

Commandment #1. Casual Friday means casual sex saturday and sunday
Commandment #2. Be a lover not a fighter. Unless the two coincide. Cause fighting in bed is hot.
Commandment #3. Herb can show you the meaning of life. Bask in the teaching of the herb and bless your bong with the holy water that has been blessed by thine Margy.
Commandment #4. NO VPL (Visible Panty Line)
by Ayn Rand Said So May 06, 2005
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To have sex in your friends bed instead of your own
When I returned from the store I could tell bobby and Tina had pulled a margy on me.
by Jaaboni July 18, 2013
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