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Margot is by far the sweetest, kindest, gentlest person I know. She has the biggest heart and makes you feel like the most important person on earth. She is beautiful. She has a natural beauty that no amount of makeup could touch, and her happiness and kindness makes her the most radiant person ever. She is hardworking, devoted and loyal. She will never let you down. She is funny and has a great sense of humor when you get to know her. She gives the best gifts and advice, and is respectful and never judgemental. She is super smart, too, but doesn't brag or show off. She has great sportsmanship and is good at everything. She us strong, and caring and everything amazing. She us extremely supportive and loving, and everyone should have a Margot in their life.
"Who is the best person I know? Well, is that even a real question? It's Margot, of course!"
"She makes me proud, that Margot. She is perfect."
by CaymendRedor December 18, 2018
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