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Is very funny likes to hang with friends is always smiling a little annoying to his siblings sometimes friends but is great to be around he is the beast at basketball and loves video games Marciano is so cute all the girls want him ,light skin,very funny,great basketball player, big brown eyes so handsome and loves around his family !!!
Dang, did you see Marciano on that court he was at beast !!!

I want Marciano to be my boyfriend no I want Marciano to be my boyfriend he has eoungh to go around for the both of you
by KMG did u see December 10, 2016
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Another word for failure. Not just a failure, but a failure of the century.
Also called an epic or legendary failure.
You've made the biggest marciano i've ever seen.
You are the biggest marciano ever.
Stop making that marciano over and over again!
by Richard Nicolsen August 24, 2008
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Another word for nerd

is commonly found in a habitat which contains memorabilia, merchandise, and other displays of worship towards the following: star wars, harry potter, megaman. has been spotted engaging in a peculiar form of cannibalism (i.e, eating large pieces of skin off of the surface of his own face).
dude1: "so what have you been up to this weekend?"

dude2: "I stood in line to get the new Harry Potter book while wearing my starwars pajama and playing megaman on my Nintendo DS"

dude1: "you're acting all marciano today. all you need to do now is consume some dry flakes off of your scalp"

dude2: "can't, i ate it all last night...."

dude1: "have some of mine."
by lookatme12345 June 09, 2010
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Weired mexican with greasy hair co captian of mangy. Has a very small penis. Enjoys to watch people dock
its was weird that marciano was watching us dock
by allix chode October 29, 2018
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