The day that amazing, beautiful, nice, funny, thicc girls are born they are usually great kissers (trust me)

They have a beautiful voice and are the kindest people you would ever meet

If you ever meet or date someone born on march 18th never let them go (I wont) they're the best and they make you smile all the time
Guy 1:Woah dude shes fit
Guy 2: yeah obviously shes born on march 18th
by Brothersbro 18 October 15, 2019
Big dick day, people born on this day know how to fuck so good. However that’s not all not only will they please your sexual needs they will also make you very happy. If you happen to meet someone born on this day better date them before you miss out
Damn he was born on March 18th he’s a fucken keeper
by Thisrealshit October 17, 2019
Pete: bro is she born on March 18th?
zion: yeah nigga she fine as hell
by Lorrel October 29, 2019
March 18th is the best day of the year. it is the day when the most intelligent and beautiful human in this world was born. It is the day where the person who I care the most about should have the most fun and be the happiest. Everyone should respect her and celebrate her day and she truly deserves it.
Omg it is the best human beings birthday, March 18th
by toniiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii February 7, 2019
The day someone's grandparents and brother died together.
"oh dude its March 18th, say you prayers."
by RamenThePers0n December 31, 2021