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A word used to describe being happy on a Monday.
Lauren: "Mappy Monday Aris"

Aris: "Mappy Monday to you too Ms. Lauren"

Lauren: "That's a cool and awesome word"

Aris: "I know I am, thank you"
by Kirbycam March 29, 2010
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It's a video game released by Namco in 1983; you see, they make other games besides Pac-Man, Tekken, Time Crisis, and Soul Calibur. It was released by Midway (yes, the same Midway who would go on to do the Mortal Kombat series) in 1983. Basically, you are "Mappy", a police mouse who clears levels by recovering all of the stolen loot, while jumping on trampolines (see, each stage is a "house" with mulitple "floors"), and avoiding "Nyamco" (get it?; anyway, he's called "Goro" in the U.S. version) and his "Mewkies" ("Meowkies"). Unfortunately for you, the only "action" you can do in this game is open and close doors, but wait there's more! Some of these doors release shockwaves that send the enemies far, far away, but they eventually they come back, SO BEWARE!!!

Later there was a sequel called "Hopping Mappy" but it never came to the U.S.. On the other hand, the U.S. did get an NES sequel called "Mappy-Land". Oh yeah, you gotta love the music. It's very "ragtime-y".
Some ignorant "hardcore" gamer: "Mappy? What kind of name is that for a game?"

Me: "Uh, the kind Namco makes?"
by Map-Man November 28, 2006
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A combination of being both "mad" and "happy" simultaneously.

Used in instances when something brings great joy, but at a cost of feeling down or angry about it

Side note: the word "Map" can be found in "Mappy"
"Ah man, this chick is amazing and so damn hot "
"Then why looking so pissed off?"
"She lives too far away"
"Damn bro, that explains the mappy attitude"
by TheTerror February 10, 2014
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The state of being "Man-Happy." Usually consisting of a male getting an erection, but too embarrassed to say it.
Male 1: Oh shit dude, I'm getting too mappy, and here Rebecca comes! Cover me!

Male 2: I gotcha.
by Innocent Bastard April 06, 2010
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Mappy is a little fella named Jeffrey Pike. He is so god damn mappy. Other names include Mapper, Mapster, Masked Mapper, And Map Master. nothing is wrong with being Mappy. Other than the fact that you are Mappy.
Jeff Pike Is very mappy.
by Friends Of Mapp Master April 09, 2005
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A mappy is a word created to describe an african american woman with extremely nappy hair.
Ohhhh mahhh gawdddd, look at her, she is soooo mappy, I cant beleive this shit
by Malcolm January 30, 2005
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