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A measurement, almost always used for describing snow, that is precisely the height of one Zsolt (175.26 cm).
Excited person: Dude, we need to hit the slopes. We just got a Zsolt of snow!

Response: That's totally radical! A whole Zsolt of snow?!?!
by Fabulissa June 04, 2013
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One who is insane, Hungarian, does way too many uppers, eats Korean seafood soup, has the last name of "szabo", is extremely intelligent, is out of his mind completely. Likes to say things like "true or false", "let me put it this way", and "that is so fucking slick". If you meet one, run the other way. Do not let a Zsolt go anywhere near turntables.
lets play a prank on Zsolt
by russian concussion April 26, 2004
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