Australian Colloquialism for a woman's pubic hair. Originated from the similarity in shape of a woman's public hair to the shape of Australian Island State of Tasmania.
When she stepped out of the shower, Amanda's map of Tassie was clearly visable to Bradley.
by Anonymous July 4, 2003
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The natural shape of a womens pubic hair. Looks like Tasmania (Australia)
Show-us your map-a-tassie
by Mr Nice July 1, 2005
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Map of Tassie (Tasmania) An Australian term used to describe a womans vagina
Her skirt blew up and she flashed her Map of Tassie for all to see
by Sydney Max May 21, 2009
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1. Cartographical representation of the state of Tasmania in Australia.
2. Colloquially, referring to the pubic region especially a woman's. Derived from the fact that Tasmania is basically triangular.
1. and 2. Show us ya map o' Tassie!
by Elaine October 23, 2001
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Tasmania is trapezoidal. An Australian comedian thought its outline looked like the female pudenda with the labia extended.
Show me yer map o' Tassie
by WordWright December 7, 2004
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