a guy, who basically gets with every girl, quicker then any other guy can.
brian wheeler is the biggest man-whore in the middletown metro area.
by ohhi March 27, 2009
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A male who's unleashed himself from the bonds of society; thinking for himself and following his own mental dictates and biological drives. This inherently causes the women around him to fall for him.
That guy's a serious manwhore, he must surf www.manwhore.org all day long!
by manwhorelio November 29, 2009
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A band created in Los Angeles in 2004 known for their hit song Cake and Cock.
I saw Man-whore, more commonly called MANWHORE, at the Whisky last night, and they were awesome!!
by AA Manwhore May 25, 2007
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Yeah I'm a bit of a manwhore. At least I tell the girls that before I get them drunk and fuck them. But they usually think I'm kidding.
by ~~Smoke weed every day~~ December 02, 2007
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Braeden Worsham, He likes to cheat on girls. you like jumping from girl to girl with not stopping.
by youliketofuckshitup October 27, 2019
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a boy, no matter how sweet or charming, that hooks up with numerous women in a short period of time.
noah godfrey is a manwhore
by ejewels72 November 27, 2009
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a guy who can get a girl who gets called a man whore bye his freinds because they cant get one themselves
John: Dude your such a man whore
Patrick: You think I'm a man whore but you are just jealous that you cant get a girl like me
by pimpnotmanwhore February 10, 2011
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