A whale. The best friend a Lauren could ever have :)
Look at that giant Manu swimming in the ocean.

Lauren and Manu are best friends til they die.
by pinkdolphin2005 December 16, 2008
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Hi i am a linguistically challenged kiwi but i do know that this is an Irish name, usually a first name. My friend rang up the broadcasting standards and gave them a hard time for using his name.
Manus you are a really pretty individual
by Ssammule August 09, 2006
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A very macho anus.
Woah can you look at that major anus!
I almost got a malus anus just by looking at it!
Myes it is a manus.
by Tzotzko from Filipovtzi February 02, 2020
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A combination of both a mouth and anus in one.

A sea anemone eats and defecates with its manus.

Manus may also refer to the mouth of someone who only talks shit.
Peter - "My anemone looks better today, hss opened up, you can see his manus now."
Joni - "Haha his white rimmed manus"

Peter - "Your mate should just keep his manus closed."
by such definition July 16, 2014
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A terms used by myself and almost everyone at Glen Eden Intermediate in 1980-1981. Used primarily as a form of mockery at someones embarrassment when told off by a teacher, falling over, getting tripped over e.t.c. Basically any act which invited ridicule from friends and people in the general vicinity. It was not "transmissible" nor could you give it to someone by touching them on the forehead or anywhere else.
Someone would "get the manus" through an embarrassing act - at which point everyone else would laugh and point and say "Manus" or perhaps "Manus on your undies".

This word replaced the previous and overused cries of "Shame" or "Shame on your undies" but is of uncertain origin - someone started it and it spread like wildfire. :-)

Calling the teacher "Mum" inadvertantly was a definite manus.
by Craigio October 22, 2006
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To violently stab someone with a pen, pencil, or pencil crayon.
Did you see Steve manu Jim during English class.
by Killer_Instinct March 06, 2012
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