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A double hand weapon used purely by casul players, because they saw speedrunners obliterate bosses with them.
Friend 1: I finally completed my build, what weapon are you using?
Friend 2: Oh I'm walking naked and spam sellsword twinblades, but I keep dying.
Friend 1: Lmao casul get gud
by DarkSoulsEnjoyer_DirtL February 7, 2022
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Similar to Darkeater Midir from Dark Souls III, Manus, Father of the Abyss is one of the hardest bosses in the game, located at the end of the DLC.

This piece of shit will not only beat you and your summon senseless with his stupid magic and his popular combo, but you'll also be out of your humanity before you know it.

Additionally, if your character is a faith build, you can just as well skip to NG+ or find some good summons, because you're not going to be even close to beating him.
Player: Hey bro can you help me with Manus? He keeps destroying me

Sunbro: Yeah sure, let's do it!

*both get their ass clapped by dark magic*
by DarkSoulsEnjoyer_DirtL February 1, 2022
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Invader's worst nightmare, you will see them sitting or posing somewhere, waiting for you to find them. Then they'll try to surround you like primitive animals and hit you from every side, all the way until you die.
After you die, one will throw dung pies at your corpse, on will point down, and one will continue to hit with their weapon.

If you encounter them here are some tips:
-Take out one by one and get gud at parrying
-Try to lead them off a cliff, or ladders
-Go for backstabs if possible and focus on one
-Move as much as possible and make it a long fight so they get bored and lose focus.
-Use heavier/high damage weapons, especially weapons that have splash effects or can damage multiple players at once.
-If you see one healing, don't go for him as you will get fucked by others
-Use undead hunter charms
Invader: *Invaded the world of Host of Embers StarFinger_420*
Also Invader: *Sees other phantoms*
*they approach him, hit him, backstab him, fuck him, and kill him*
Phantoms: throw carvings *V E R Y G O O D*
Invader: fuck those gankers *alt f4's*
by DarkSoulsEnjoyer_DirtL February 7, 2022
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