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Originating from a videogame called Dark Souls, Sunbros are the greatest, most helpful beings who often indulge in jolly co-operation. Their colour is that of gold, and they will always come to the aid of those who need it. Warriors from all over Lordran join the Covenant of Sunbros to aid travellers and to spread the light, no matter how grossly incandescent they may be. Probably the most notable Sunbro is Solaire of Astora, also remembered to some as Brolaire or Brolaire of Asstora, who always comes in the aid, fighting side by side beside his brethren in an endless struggle to save Lordran from a curse known as Hollowing. Truly, Brolaire is a hero of heroes, and is remembered in folklore as he who sought his own sun.
Dude, that sunbro spear just dealt 1200 damage! 1200!! I call bull****! All I wanted is to take that ***hole's humanity! I'm through with this game! l2p n00b!
by MRPolo May 12, 2014
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