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Mantis Style is a form of hardcore sex where post ejaculation the female eats the male's head, similar to a praying mantis.
Tyler: Dude, did you here Joe died while having sex with his girlfriend?
Eddy: Yeah, I heard she went Mantis Style on him.
by Mr. Smon Jifff December 03, 2016
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the act of driving with both hands on the top of the steering wheel and elbows touching the bottom, with the whole body leaning forward so that the body position looks like a praying mantis. Usually practised by the elderly/slow/otherwise driving impaired persons.
I bet you they are driving mantis-style...
by Nom De Guerre April 30, 2007
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Eating someone out ass first. Similar to how a praying mantis often eats its victims ass first.
"Girl, get ready for me to rock your world, I'm gonna eat you mantis-style tonight."
by Mr. Teajug March 09, 2016
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