When a person says “I’m gonna eat you” it most likely means they want to get off with you eg. And they say this because they love you very much!
He was eating someone😂
by Cozz_123 June 11, 2019
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To eat someone's Doritos is to make out with them, preferably directly after they have eaten Doritos. This includes the stinky Dorito breath and orange teeth. It is the equivalent of backwash, but with cheddar cheese tortilla chips. Eating ass may be more tolerable.
Girl 1: Ohmigod there's that guy you think is so hot.
Girl 2: Hnnnng, I'd love to eat his Doritos.
Girl 1: Ew, what does that mean?
Girl 2: Eating someone's Doritos means to make out with them even with their stinky Dorito breath and nasty teeth. I'd make out with him whenever and wherever, even if he had just eaten an entire party size bag of Doritos.
by kiraskywalker July 9, 2016
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When someone is crying really hard and then you come cry for them so they can feel better. You can always Eat your own feet if you're alone and crying and alone.
Dude 1 - Yo dude 3 is crying
Dude 2 - What the fuck why
Dude 3 - *crying*
Dude 1 - Dude 2 you should go eat his feet
Dude 2 - I've never had to eat someone else's feet before, you do it
Dude 1 - Ugh, fine
Dude 1 - *crying*
Dude 3 - *crying*
by 4-ho-crack July 25, 2020
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Being unappetized around certain people. A feeling of disgust or discomfort about someone or something they do/did that makes you not want to eat.
I was immediately unable to eat around (someone) because they make me feel horrible when I try to do anything, enough so that I don’t feel hungry around them.
by Professional Candy Cane July 5, 2023
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