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Not unlike mansplaining, Cisplaining is the act of a cisgender person explaining a transgenderone of a subject the latter is more knowledgeable in. The word is usually used to describe a situation in which the cis explains the trans of a trans-related subject or about a transgender experience, which the cisgender person, being cisgender, has never experienced.
Trans: "I think casting Scarlett Johansson to a role of a trans man is a very bad representation because-"
Cis: "Oh, nonsense! Johansson is a great actress, she will be a wonderful representation. So what if she is a woman?"
Trans: "That, right there, was the exact definition of cisplaining."
by theTransMusician July 4, 2018
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A blend of man and explain. When a person explains something to another about a subject on which the latter is more knowledgeable. Usually the word describes a conversation in which, due to sexist bias, a man automatically assumes he is more knowledgeable than the woman he is talking to.
Man: "Let me explain you something-"
Woman: "Dude. I have a PhD in this subject. I'm pretty sure I know more about it than you do."
Man: "Yeah,you have a PhD, but hear me out-"
Woman: "Do you realise you are mansplaining right now?"
by theTransMusician July 4, 2018
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