Manosphere: (n): A collective network of sites on the internet that is often very mysoginistic in nature. It is a place were young and old men with no lives gather together to whine about how horrible women are because one too many sluts hurt them at one point in their lives, and how they have been vicimized by a gynocentric society. The comments on many forums refer to women being nothing more than being good for sex, and household duties. They believe a mans value means nothing if a woman makes more money, and feel that if a woman has a career and economic freedom, it atomatically makes her like a man and turns her into a slut. The butthurt in these comments is very prevelant as they express their contempt and resentment for the other half of the human race.(antonym) (opposite end of spectrum) Gynosphere: places on the net, like wehuntedthemammoth.com, and other feminist sites that don't always express contempt for men but are the same no lifers and illogical whiners as those in the manosphere that also like to show what victims they are and that the "patriarchy" keeps them down.
"Hey did you hear about that blog? It talks about women like they are trash and all bad. man those guys must have mommy issues and no lives. It's obvious they are part of the manosphere".
by ninjashadowecat June 07, 2014
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A network or group of blogs and related websites that are run by and for men, offering primarily with misogynistic topics and content.
"I read the Ten Real Reasons Men Are Paid More Than Women on one of those douchebag manosphere blogs."
by fb1970 April 06, 2014
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