Like misogyny, but towards black women. It is a term first coined by black feminist, Moya Bailey, and is a combination of the English word 'misogyny' and French word 'noir' (meaning black). It was created by Moya Bailey as a way to highlight the hatred that black women face in pop culture.
Person #1: Black women are ugly! No wonder black guys never date them!
Person #2: Now I see the misogynoir......
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When a black woman isn't pretty enough to get a boyfriend, and she feels oppressed.
Person #1: That woman is ugly. I wouldn't want to date her for aesthetic reasons

Person #2: Misogynoir is real, you white, oppressive, racist, heterosexist, transphobic, trasnssexist, misogynistic, rape-enabling, sexist pig.
by FagMcSwaggins February 23, 2017
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Misogyny but directed at Black Women.
Reasons it occurs includes:
- Men just generally resent women
- Some men don’t see Black Women of worthy of having standards

- ONE Black Woman did something to a man like rejected him

- Easy way to gain clout / Attention

- Black Women safeguard black culture which everyone wants a piece of
-Most Black Women have liberal views
- Black Women don’t interact with other races of men the way their women interact with Black Men which leads to resentment
Black Woman :*breaths*

Non Black Woman: Does the worst thing imaginable

People who aren’t Black Women: OMG, wtf is wrong with Black Women, they’re all the same. Other races are better !

Black Women : Look at the misogynoir
by J Doll July 09, 2021
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