20 definitions by DarkMatter

1) a term to describe a person who thinks The Simpsons is better than Family Guy and acts like a child if you disagree, but he's really 20

2) will got postal if The Simpsons does not win a "Family Guy vs. The Simpsons" thread
After Family Guy won the poll, Zim999 went postal, killing millions of Family Guy fans
by DarkMatter October 8, 2004
1) an alternative to "aw damn," "aw shit," etc.

2) a term used when one makes a mistake or is part of an unfortunate incident
"We have to take the SATs today! Did you study?"
by DarkMatter October 10, 2004
a genre of Teen Titans romance pairings, in this case romance between Raven and Beast Boy
BB/Rae is one the most popular Teen Titans romance pairings
by DarkMatter October 5, 2004
1) it's not quite a rock, it's not quite a lobster; it's a Rock Lobster

2) a creature often found at parties and under docks at the beach
Someone went under a dock, there they found a rock! It wasn't a rock! It was a Rock Lobster!
by DarkMatter October 13, 2004
when one does something something so foolish, it is concidered to be a first class act of foolery
Person A: What does anon stand for?
Person B: Anonymous. Duh.
Person A: Well don't I feel like a first class fool.
by DarkMatter October 13, 2004
1) an unfunny and immature play on words to describe the Nintendo GameCube

2) an unfunny pun created by fanboys of the PlayStation 2 and X-Box who pass judgement on systems they have never tried
Fanboy: DO U HAVE PS2!!??????? :)
Me: Yes, but I don't use it as much as my GameCube.
Fanboy: omg u have a gaycube? all they make is teh kiddie shit lol. :)
Me: So a game needs to be full of blood and gore to be good?
Fanboy: yea lol :)
by DarkMatter October 12, 2004
he takes care of the place while the Master is away
"I am Torgo! I take care of the place while the Master is away!"
by DarkMatter October 6, 2004