A time when a man's chemical balance becomes shifted and he has a breakdown and/or becomes an asshole. Symptoms include- Irritability, mood swings, thoughts of suicide, depression, over sensitivity, paranoia, and feelings of helplessness.
When Mike turned 50, his manopause kicked in and he bought a Corvette and then drove it off a cliff.
by Woodbilly April 23, 2011
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A sad period of time in a married man's life when he simply doesn't get any action from the wife and is essentially (paused). This usually (though not specifically) occurs in middle age. But depending on the situation can occur at any point in time if the man is not careful.

Sadly (assuming sad..) the married 'manopaused' man therefore has no choice but to seek alternative sources of extra marital fulfillment, if successful he becomes (un-paused) but is now in serious risk of extreme excitement resulting in vastly improved looks, healthier eating, great ideas, amazing productivity, and general 'teenage' like behavior after which then carries the risk of 'getting caught'. Assuming he even has the confidence to even dare to attempt this bold move in the first place the first section of this applies. If not then,

He simply accepts he is 'manopaused', and lives the life of a eunuch
"Ah man, look at that dude over there, he looks so pent up, he must be manopaused, I sure hope he went with option 1 :)"

"I saw a dude today in the supermarket, I could just tell by all those shopping bags he had been manopaused.. I saw option 2 written all over him"
by Bigabongo June 11, 2020
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A mental condition typically found in men in their mid to late 50's brought on by the realization that old age is just around the corner. Symptoms include: frequent reminiscing about the “good ol’ days”, cranky judgmental attitude and a closed minded approach to anything new. Usually punctuated by the chronic need to play a lot golf and vote republican. The condition is difficult to cure and almost always progresses into oldtimers disease.

"Get off my lawn!" Mr. Wagner screamed at the kids playing next door. What happend to him? they asked each other, one kid whispered "my mom says he's got manopause"
by Paul Lowry March 10, 2006
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A psychological condition in which a man in his mid to late 50s appears to have lost his mind and drives everyone around him insane with his crabbiness, irrationality, and flash temper. He may exhibit a "blame everyone else" approach when he is in the wrong. He may exhibit opinions that are completely opposite to what he used to have (ie. voting republican when he was a life long democrat or becoming a male chauvenistic pig when he always support women's liberation.)
"Mom, Dad just yelled at me for taking out the garbage. He said I was doing it wrong and got irrationally angry," said the teenaged daughter. "Yeah, he's in Manopause. Nothing he does makes sense anymore," said the mom.
by Daiseyheadmaisey July 12, 2008
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(noun)- The rough equivalent of "menopause" as found in males. Manopause is the halting of "man periods." Many believe that manopause is a myth due to the fact that it is seldom seen in males, as menopause is the norm for middle-aged females. Manopause can occur at any time in a male's life.
That fat cat has been so chill since he hit manopause (fo sho).
by Kit-Kat313 December 1, 2008
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Men in their early to mid 50's who lose their minds because they are going through "the change"
My friend's dad has decided to divorce his wife of 30 years and makes no sense anymore when you try to speak to him, he's totally going through Manopause.
by Anisa Cameron June 23, 2004
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The male equivalent of female menopause - experienced in a man's mid to late 40's. Also commonly referred to as "mid-life crisis".
My father hit manopause when he started to dye his hair black and wear tight white jeans.
by Congee Wong January 30, 2009
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