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Mannford is a small town in NE Oklahoma, full of people who don't give a flying fuck about the environment, racist, sexust, homophobic, all praise Jesus, and has more than 20 churches in a 10 mile radius.
"You're visiting Mannford? Good luck."
by Stamoswater May 09, 2018
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Small, extremely racist town in NE Oklahoma, populated mainly by radical Rednecks, Hillbillies, and Meth Lab Technicians.
This snow is whiter than Mannford.
by Michael and Adam December 01, 2003
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A corrupt, small town located West of the Tulsa metro area ran by a bunch of power-hungry rednecks. The school administration are a bunch of ignorant pricks that are more concerned about punishing students and enforcing strict rules than the students' education.
Student: May I use the rest room to better prepare for my E.O.I. test we're about to take?

School Official: Don't be ridiculous, the rules are no students entering the hallway premises between 12:34 and 2:49! You are in violation of section 19 sector C325 of the Mannford High School Code, you have earned yourself 3 weeks of I.S.I.P. and if you repeat this offense you will be extradited from this school.
by Jacob Evans April 13, 2008
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