a girl named anna with ridiculously large muscles, therfore making her resemble a man in many ways.
OMG MAYTE that girl is SUCH a manna
by miket24 June 25, 2009
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Manna for the mindless is a disparaging description of television programmes that do no more than fill up air time. The programmes that are banal, trivial and boring and which, if they were a person, would be described as a WOFS. You know the sort of crap, pretty well all of daytime television, soap operas screened at any time, moronic game shows, chat shows featuring liggers or z-list celebrities, the list just goes on. It is the sort of programme which doesn’t require dumbing down as it is targeted at fuckwits or insomniacs who need something other than drugs to help them sleep.
Before twenty-four seven television was inflicted on a long-suffering human race, manna for the mindless was typified by film serials where the hero always overcame impossible odds to rescue the heroine from an impossible situation and the villain was always defeated. Either that or the Hollywood musical of the 1950s such as Carousel or South Pacific, total shite consisting of totally forgettable songs, stilted dialogue and a non-existent plot.
"Jane, would you like to come bird watching, there’s a good chance of a peregrine’s mating display"
"No, I've got to watch Loose Women!"
"Manna for the mindless!"
by AKACroatalin March 7, 2017
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Deriving from the tag 'Manna for the mind' used to describe books and literature, 'Manna for the mindless' is a disparaging but accurate description of banal entertainment of any sort, particularly daytime television, long running soaps, stupid game shows, chat shows and so on. It consists of material that is so dumb it doesn't require 'dumbing down' and is no more than prdigested pap which can be understood by people with a below normal IQ. Before the advent of twenty-four seven television manna for the mindless was typified by the Hollywood musical of the 1950s. These consisting entirely of eminently forgettable songs joined together by crappy dialogue and a plot so thin you could shoot peas through it.
"Kim, d'you want to come out for a walk?"
"No, I've got to watch Jeremy Kyle!"
"Manna for the mindless!"
by Croatalin December 3, 2013
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The sustanance magically delivered to one's nose; See Snot.
Dude, do you always have to go for the nostril manna while in church?
by Kentsy December 24, 2008
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When a man wears his jeans hiked up so high they split his balls. The split balls resemble a woman's camel toe.
"Lower them jeans bro, your sporting a manna toe!"

"That's a huge manna toe!"

My manna toe is larger than my girlfriends camel toe!
by WentStead April 27, 2014
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When you put an enemies forearm on a street curb and stomp on it.
Person 1 - "Look at that poor guy."
Person 2 - "Why, what happened?"
Person 1 - "Look at his arm in that cast, he was obviously Feech La Mannaed."
Person 2 - "Snap man....this shit just got real."
by Gern Blanstein December 21, 2006
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A gift that is usually given unexpectedly to someone for free, that is a big deal to the person receiving. It's mostly used for the sake of food- when God provided food to the Israelites who were starving from there flight from Egypt.
Person One: "AW Person Two! Did you taste those strawberries!?"

Person Two: "No Person One, they any good?"

Person One: "There like manna from heaven!"
by mmilliee September 5, 2009
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