Nasty, smelly, unwashed or unhygienic. Having a bad smell or off-odor. Excessively dirty or discolored.
After hiking for 5 days without a shower, I feel manky.
by ColonelSaunders October 18, 2012
Referring to the level and quality of cleanliness of a surface. Pure mankiness is commonly observed in the hallways of a middle school, where children slide their sweaty hands across various bacteria-infested surfaces such as the gym-changeroom lockers, toilet bowls, and (most notably) the school phone, not to mention all while eating their cheese pizza they dropped on the floor a few minutes earlier.
1. Patti: Why aren't you eating your free hot-dog?

Jim: Have you seen the fund-raising kids who make them? They don't wash their manky hands before assembling.

2. After having sat in the schoolteacher's cupboard for two years, the remaining few gummy-bears at the bottom of their plastic tub had been thoroughly caressed by dozens of ninth-grade hands.
by goatgoat February 9, 2011
Something or someone that is feral and disgusting or really gross.
"You are gross and manky because you didn't wipe your ass after going to the toilet"
by Rambagla June 23, 2018
Manky is when someone or something is absolutely rotten or disgusting and just really horrible.
“Did you see Charles hair yesterday? It was so bloody manky.”
by eimear patton September 12, 2019
Manky is a commonly used word in British secondary schools, and is used to describe something nasty or disgusting. This can go from the school's spare kits or to that one scruffy girl who you just can't stand...
"Ew, Rebecca is actually manky. She doesn't brush her teeth!"
"These spare shorts are manky, I swear that the teachers don't wash them..."
"This burger is manky. The meat's not even fully cooked!"
by idk_definitions December 31, 2020
Literal meaning of the work is similar to "gross"
That dead body is Manky
by shaun williams April 7, 2006
me> Hey check out my MANKY toe!
you> ewww! what happened?
me> i dropped something heavy on it and minged it up!