A person who is not only lanky (tall and thin) but who is also muscular, and usually very athletic.
"Damn that Jack is very tall... and muscly"
"Yeah, he's soo manky!"
by laurenmathieson April 4, 2009
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(adjective, slang, northeastern US) a level of attractiveness in which the person described is hot, but just a little bit trashy; exhibiting a quality of physical attrctiveness despite obviously trashy traits
Bartender at Hoedown Junction had a great body, but the feathered bangs and Poison t-shirt made her manky.
by Dr Bracken April 24, 2006
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a person of ill-repute

see also mankified}
Jeezus....i never knew that Marty was as manky as that!
by El Flaymo January 8, 2007
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Irish slang term meaning Filthy Drunk
That ole' Mick Jamie pissed himself, he's nothing but a Manky Langer
by BigFish March 12, 2015
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when a girl is not only a stuck up bitch, but is also disgustingly ugly and or stinks like an old man's crotch. or just in general, a name to call people when you can't think of anything decent to call them.
must be accompanied by a crab-like dance and said with a cockney accent.
what you staring at? YOU MANKY BITCH?

oh god mate, look over there at that MANKY BITCH!
by alanosaurusrex July 26, 2009
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The kid that fkn smells like shit and looks like shit

(probs the kids called brock or reece)
(brock or reece walks past)

holy shit cunt put on some deo cunt

Brock: yea well why dont u go and poopoo

The manky kid: The kid thats manky
by MADLAD_ May 28, 2019
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The unique currency men from the west of Ireland use to pay for somebody's mothers services.
Dublin Man: Yo P-Dawg, what you get up to last night?

P-Dawg: I spend me last manky fiver on a go of your Ma.

Dublin Man: Ugh..
by PDawgWillRideYourMaInTheBog April 10, 2014
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