disgusting, rotten, y'know yourself, just plain "icky"
"eww shtate a him !! his hair is so greasy !! he's mank !!"

"augh, that was mank !!!"
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a slang for weed in the jewish bergen county area
moshe: did u get the manks

chaim: hell yah we are going to get soo gooned tonight
by macmiller3456 March 02, 2011
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A mother who’s also a skank. Also known as a Nom, a narcissistic mom. A woman with kids who cares more about her appearance than her children.
Ewww, she’s SUCH a MANK! Did you know she promised her kid she’d take her to Disney world then used the money to get a terrible boob job?

Yep, that’s a mank for you..
by NLMFAN August 18, 2018
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some horrible dirty bastard from Manchester (Mostley known for steeling off old women). Most people who are from manchester are on the dole or stuck in dead end jobs, most of them have a drug adiction, they speak with horrible acents, wear kappa clothing and drink shandy
If you see someone with a shaven head and a long fringe they are a mank
by John June 21, 2003
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noun: The flat beer (or sometimes foam) left at the bottom of a beer can or bottle. Sometimes used to describe over-used bong water.
adj: manky
(mid western US)
"Finish your beer, man." "Nah, nothing but the mank left."
"Man, you drink some manky-ass beer!"
"Change that bong water, dude, it's total mank!"
by Vandervecken April 25, 2009
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