A written document prepared by a single person, intended to garner attention towards a specific topic or issue.

Associated infamously with the ramblings of a fanatical zealot or crazed madman, a manifesto can take the form of an autobiography, essay, or critique by the author, and may be published or sent to a public media source.
The school shooter prepared his manifesto with a meticulous ferver, hoping to share his fallible ideology with the world.
by 🐺 November 11, 2018
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My sister: What's a manifesto? Me: A public declaration of ...some shit.
by TheWonderTwins October 26, 2017
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Generally, this is really just a fancy term for an essay. Alternatively, it can be used for an essay that's too good to be called an essay (especially if it's a rather grandiose critique on something).
1) Mom: Why you still up at 4am?
Me: Sorry just gotta finish up my manifesto before it's due tomorrow

2) Calvin wrote a huge manifesto on the relationship between technological determinism & porn addiction and posted it on Reddit, but no one ever paid attention.
by Mary Mary Quite The Contrarian September 15, 2020
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They're fun to write. You don't have to go out and shoot a bunch of people after you finish though...
Hym "Do you have to have to go out and shoot a bunch of people for it to be considered a manifesto?"

Iam "No. Marx wrote a manifesto and he did kill a bunch of people."

Hym "Oh yeah! He let the manifesto do it for him! Hilarious!"

Iam *sigh* "........"

Hym "What?.... You're fine. We're fine. Hahahahaha!"
by Hym Iam May 17, 2022
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(n.) An announcement of intended future actions. Sounds like a homosexual orgy.
Elitist went along to the manifesto hearing, but was disappointed to discover that there was no gay orgy audio clips.
by Kung-Fu Jesus May 8, 2004
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Streetlight - Lamp
Manifesto - Decree

Streetlight + Manifesto = Pure Unadulturated Musical Joy

Late August 2003 saw the emergence of this third-wave ska band. Streetlight combines many different music styles, including, jazz, reggae, punk, acoustic, and rock all to produce a style of music which has the potential to make people respect - yes, i said respect - the much-looked-down-upon genre of Ska.

The band itself is formed from the best of two other ska groups, old Catch 22 and One Cool Guy. From Catch 22 there is Josh Ansley (bass), Jamie Egan (trumpet) and Tomas Kalnoky (guitar, vocals & songwriting). From One Cool Guy there is Chris Thather (drums), Jim Conti (tenor sax), Dan Ross (bari sax), and Mike Saprano (trombone.)

Kalnoky is truly the heart of the band. His guitar playing is not necessarily anything special in itself, though it is still good. His vocals, however, are where he shines the most, having refined his voice and brought it to new more angry and energetic heights since "Keasby Knights." His song writing is extremely origonal and diverse. Songs do not follow cliched patterns of verse-chorus-verse. You never know what to expect. Also, Kalnoky's lyrics are absolutely incredible - a good friend of mine made the observation that they were almost as good as radiohead's (that's pretty good). The other sections of the band are equally amazing. Thather on drums is easily one of the most talented contemporary drummers and goes from style to style as he plays. John Ansley is also a terrific bassist with some of the most ingenuitive lines i have ever heard. And finally, the horn section is what gives streetlight their power. Unlike other ska bands nowadays, the horn section does not have "corny" horn lines or only come out with occasional bursts here and there. Streetlight features very complex horn parts which define the sound of the band, and the horns very often have terrific solos. All that having been said this makes for a truly terrific band.

Their first cd was known as "Everything Goes Numb." Truly top notch stuff. It is diverse and a perfect combination of wonderful songs which produce a cohesive album. Key tracks include, "Everything Went Numb," "Point/Counterpoint" and "A Moment of Silence." In fact, every song on this cd is a hit, and I could not claim to dislike anyone of them. I highly reccommend that you buy this cd, even if Ska's not your thing. You'll be glad you did.
"and the story goes like this"
by soontobepresjoe March 9, 2005
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The definative guide to being a G. The guide to getting more out of life.
Q: What the best way to mack chicks?
A: Refer to The G Manifesto.

Q: How do you make cash, date Model Girls, and sleep all day?
A: Hence the need for The G Manifesto
by Mack Z May 16, 2006
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