A saxophone that is lower than an alto, and higher than a bari. They are commonly used in jazz bands, and musicians who play it are often very good at soloing/improvising.
The tenor sax player was given a standing ovation for his solo.
by Sasuke Hater February 19, 2008
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One of the best sounding saxophones in the entire band, the tenor sax is tuned to B-Flat, plays a Fourth lower than the Alto Saxophone and a Fith higher than a Bari Saxophone. Tenor Saxophones often have a very mellow sound, and can carry a melody, or do harmonies and the like.
when i play the tenor saxophone, anyone in the vicinity immediatly starts nodding off.
by totallyrandom May 17, 2008
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A member of the saxophone family which is placed in between the Baritone and Alto voices. This is considered one of the sweetest, smooth, melodic sounding insturments by some peoples opinion. The Tenor Sax is a favored instrument in many Jazz ensembles and Ska bands. This sax is known for being able to blast out beutiful sounding solos at fast speeds. People who play the Tenor are usually extremely suave and good looking and can usually pick up any gal they would want.
Girl 1: "Look how hot that kids over there is."
Girl 2: " Which one do u mean?"
Girl 1: " The extremely hot one wiht the Tenor Sax."
Girl 2: "Oh of course the one with the Tenor, sorry!"
by jesstapher May 27, 2006
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the best instrument in the world of instruments and the holy grail of all marching band instruments.
OMG! That guy plays the tenor sax he is so hot
by bandgeek01 March 11, 2016
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The Tenor Saxophone is an all around cool instument. It is a favored Jazz instrument and has a high range of notes playable on it. The girls that play tenor are usually a bit sarcastic and just awesome to be around. The guys that play tenor tend to get a bit cocky but should always know any girl playing tenor will always be better than them.
Boy 1: "Hey did you see that sax player?"
Boy 2: "Yeah I did! I didn't even know that a girl could play a tenor saxophone that well till now."
Tenor Girl: "Yeah well you better believe it!"
Boy 1: "And here I was thinking the saxophone was for men...."
by NerdGirlUnseen February 27, 2016
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Supposedly a good instrument but is actually god awful and always cracks and squeaks whenever they are supposed to play anything whatsoever in a band. The players will always say that it's the reed or embouchure or some shit but it's actually just them and their sucky-ass instrument.
Guy 1: damn did you hear that tenor sax?
Guy 2: yeah who didn't hear that loud-ass dogshit.
Guy 1: fr fr.
by FRICKO MODE December 2, 2020
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