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1. Slang word for penis
2. House camp
3. One who indulges in anal pleasure etc.
4. Gay J
Manhood is second to none, when it comes to cock'N'bum fun.
by tipper September 16, 2004
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"Man fuck Donald trump, he wants to build a wall and don't pay taxes!!"
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1. The state of being a fully mature man, as opposed to boyhood.
2. Having Manly qualities.
3. A man’s virility/potency in the bedroom.
4. (archaic) A group of men, especially all the men of a country.
5. Another word for a man’s genitals; usually his penis.
1. Young spartan men had gay sex to develop into manhood.
2. A dominant display of manhood.
3. I fucked for 2 hours thanks to my intense manhood
4. Britain's young manhood went off to war
5. She worships my manhood.
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In male prisons in the U.S., the status and respect an inmate attains from never having been anally or orally penetration, or otherwise sexually used, by another man. One's Manhood can be lost in several ways in prison, such as displays of cowardice or falling victim to the scams of others, but is permanently unrecoverable only if one is sexually penetrated or otherwise sexually used by a man.
I heard that Juan lost his Manhood to some vatos on cellblock D last night. Word is that five of 'em jump and went up in 'em in the showers when he had soap in his face.
by BxMuscle January 08, 2011
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A term for penis.
Stoner 1: Dude, I told Michele that I wanted to have sex with her so she kicked me in my manhood.
Stoner 2: Dude, that must hurt like shit.
by Anonymous June 20, 2003
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n. a sense of ego regarding masculinity, feeding off the size of a man's cock or or his number of conquests or his way of having sex.
Just having thirteen inches of dangling meat was proof enough of Bam's masculinity.

Tyrone being a father to nine kids at twenty-one indicated only a part of his masculinity. Think of the number of conquests that didn't produce babies.
by Richard Black May 08, 2005
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the state or period of being a man rather than a child. Also a quality mumu does not have.
Mumu lost his manhood on may 31, 2018
by Moose23 May 31, 2018
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