This expression/saying originated in the Bahamas. It is another jungaless term used to show excitement and agreeance over a particular thing or event. It can be said while simultaneously hitting the wall or any solid surface nearby. Apparently, it's the successor of "Oh Yeah, Oh yeah, Oh yeah!" Seems like saying things three times is becoming a trend.
1. Keisha: Girl, I jus been to Fashion Trap #4 to get my outfit for Cocktails dis Saturday!

Princess: Girl i jus get mine too! I been on Wulff Road by Baby's tho! Da club ain ga be ready fa us! Both girls at the same time: Bam Bam Bam!!!

2. Girl #1: I want some chinese food!

Girl#2: Chile, canton house! BAM........BAM.......BAM!!!

3. Scenario: Party or Night at the Club. DJ plays "I'm So Special"

Everybody in the club: "BAM BAM BAM!!!"
by TresFabChick May 28, 2009
Bam bam bam is a very beautiful sentence , said by Mammott , from MSM
Bam bam bam is said with a slight rhythm and with groove!
It's also the only thing the Mammott species can say (on plant island)
"Bro , my dog just died..."
"Bam bam bam."
by Roxie!! February 3, 2023
Simply a sound a person makes when excited about something, Bahamians very frequently use this terminology when at concerts, or talkin amongst friends.. Most cases, if nothing is near by for that person to "BAM" on they then make this sound lol Bahamians.. I know right..
First person:"BEY DAS OUR TUNE BEY!!!"
Second person " oyeah BAM BAM BAM...
by nassaugonfunky June 15, 2009
A sexual move where a girl smashes her boyfriend’s penis repeatedly with a metal baseball bat, then he takes his swollen manjunk and smacks her ass repeatedly to satisfy her and turn her on, then the two clap back at each other and holler like yard apes.
Due to his penis being shattered into pieces, Chris will never go out with Sarah again after she did the ol’ classic Bam-bam on him.
by rosenovarocks July 10, 2021
Bam Bam is when you mix cocaine and gun powder and snort it.
I just slammed some Bam Bam.
by Chrissss.... S. May 11, 2007
Nickname given to a fortunate individual by a group of friends, Used only to describe unique personality traits. In turn using an onomatopoeia to title someone worthy of it. Rad person with an urdge to rave til they drop.
WOW Bam Bam! Your personality slaps me in the face like BAM BAM!
by 808-303-808 July 22, 2010
Another word for a fat blunt to smoke weed. Originated from the classic flinstones cartoon, Bam Bam Carried a big piece of wood that resembles a FAT blunt
yeo last night we smoked a BAM-BAM and got mad booooted

"Yeo this blunt is a BAM-BAM"
by caseo March 20, 2007