To physically dominate someone roughly and forcefully
Did you see the fight last night? Aaliyah manhandled James so badly, James is now in the Hospital.
by Arnold Armitage April 15, 2019
to treat someone or handle something roughly
I'm not going to let these creeps manhandle me.
by The Return of Light Joker January 14, 2008
Making a big show of completing a task in such an unnecessarily rough and excessive manner in an attempt to exhibit superiority over others. Often leads to undesired consequences due to overdisplay of confidence and is not limited to either gender.
He decided he was going to manhandle the couch up the stairs himself and put 12 dents in the wall during the process.
by Aristotle3.0 September 6, 2018
I manhandled her during the movie then she took me out back and showed me her 12 inch cock.
by Banri Tanaka August 20, 2003
for a man to makeout with a girl in a sexy way. etc holding her. having her on top of him. leaning over her
by d3nz3l July 4, 2009
When a girl is stronger then her boyfriend and she tosses him around.
Whoa did you totally see that girl? she just manhandled her man hard.
by Elliot75 July 11, 2008
when a female drags a male (or more than one male) by the dick literally or figuratively
When Ben said he did not want to go to a mandatory lecture, Jeanie manhandled him to the hall for the lecture anyways.
by Tom Wong September 3, 2010