A man(manh😉) with a heart of gold that is extremely head strong. Sweet and timid at times but when he's comfortable he is silly and humorous. He is always there for who he loves and is very easy to love.
by gatito95 June 08, 2020
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A Boy. Who needs to speak up and he be strong but creepy. giving me the what is wrong with you saila look
You be so MANH LY!

Damn My boyfriend is so MANH LY
by MANLY297356374895 October 07, 2011
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a word used for cute little moments when you don’t know what to say.

it’s a way of showing love and affection by those who say it
Diana: (hm i love Gui) manhe

Gui: manhe?

Diana: yeah, manhe uwu
by smoldidi February 05, 2019
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The only way it is as our bamboo masters say.
WE are right... you are wrong.
Ask for our holy forgiveness motherfucker!
N: Ouch they call my in office for a meeting....it sounds bad bro...
P. Good luck... should be usual "Duc Manh drill " to screw you deeply...
Tell them "okokok my mistake " no other way to communicate with those assholes!
by ( B ô B ) July 16, 2021
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1)To have sex with someone.

2) A loud noise.

Do not get the two confused.
Manh is the
by Manhnd December 01, 2021
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