A person that comes into your life that you are so in awe of that at first they make you nervous to talk to them. Until you realize that they are absolutely perfect for you in every facet of their being and will complete your life in a way that you never thought possible. A person that just by them having been in the same room, your heart pounds so hard and your entire body feels warm. Someone that is one of a kind and truly very special and important.
My Manders is a life changing, once in a lifetime, dream come true, amazing person, that makes me feel like the luckiest man alive.
by Captain S. January 10, 2013
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An endearing short-form of the name Amanda.
Aw...Manders is the cutest!
by VooDooXII April 6, 2007
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Someone who is known for his right wing views. Love of small Italian cars and admiration for dictators the world over.
You see Hitler? He went on a right manders.
by Thepopeofmope January 20, 2018
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The most driven young woman one can ever hope to meet, expert in all manner of Character Animation, including 2d & 3d animation, Corel painter, Adobe (photoshop, premier, after affects, & flash), & Autodesk Maya. Holds a Bachelor degree in Media Arts and Animation from the Art Institute of Ft. Lauderdale.
The Manders art will rock your socks off.

The Manders is the penultimate of awesome.

Noone can overestimate the Manders.

The Manders can make art beautiful enouph to make Chuck Norris cry and want a puppy.
by Fanboy186541 February 5, 2009
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The act of taking up ice time and or skating with other teams except for you own.
Matt- "that kid had been skating with all the younger teams and doesn't pay for any of the ice time"

Bill- "yeah he's such a Mander"
by Mike1233 August 1, 2012
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A specific type of slander fabricated by women against a man to conceal any kind of embarrassing truth.
Humiliated from being rejected by Glyn, Lynne decided it was in her best interest to tell her friends that Glyn came in to her, it was a viscous case of mander!
by G-MacbookPro_witdaRetinaScreen December 16, 2014
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a mander is a very unique complex well rounded individual. one would only be so lucky to have any insight on her EXISTENCE! she is totally B-AWESOME
dont you wish your girlfriend was hot like mander

god my life is such a drag, wish it was more like manderZ
by butt chocolate January 2, 2010
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