A term used to name a girl. Her name must end in a "by" to qualify for the title (i.e Shelby, Darby). Manby's also must act like a man, this can be done in a number of ways (vocally, physically, etc)
Guy1: Wow look at Shelby down that 24 of Busch.
Guy2: Looks like we're calling it Manby now.

Guy: Who's that guy yelling in your apartment?
Girl: Oh that actually just Manby.
by StickyNotes March 23, 2013
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A full grown man who only has the mindset and capacity of a baby
Wow Brian or Jeffery are adult men yet they have no skills at anything they cant even do a common feat like drive or wash clothes. A Manby tried to get a Date but he still lives with his Mom and cant Bring her home. What a beard on that Manby his mom washes it for him.
by Wolfs Hook April 19, 2015
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A pile of wet wipes, that walk around Manby acting like big men thinking they own the area. Consequently setting fire to everything. Their second home is “Beech Grove, and they are all of great big pile of tossers who like each other’s arse.
For example, don’t mess with them. They are the Manby Massive!
by LolMrNoNameLol June 23, 2019
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